Nursing Paula, collage & acrylic on masonite 4' x 4' 1962

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Helen Pregnant with Paula (sitting) - 1962
Pregnant with Paula 1
Pregnant with Paula - 1962 copy
Pregnant with Paula 2
Helen Pregnant with Paula (standing) - 1962
Pregnant with Paula 3
Baby Paula 3 - 1962
Baby Paula 1
Baby Paula 2 - 1962
Baby Paula 2
Baby Paula 1 - 1962
Baby Paula 3
Baby Paula 5 - 1962
Baby Paula 5
Baby Paula 8 - 1962
Baby Paula 8
Baby Paula 12 - 1962
Baby Paula 12
Any visual reference to Paula disappeared in my life until May 16, 1995 when I drew "Reconnecting with Paula." On the 31st anniversary of her death, my daughter Nicole had encouraged me to light a yarzeit memorial candle for the sister she never knew, but always felt in her life; the missing link in our family.

I looked at my old hand and began this drawing to see where it would lead. I watched as her baby hand grew out of mine. Seeing ours hands morphed into one another, I realized that she is still a part of me. The healing balm of this discovery encouraged me to continue exploring images of young hands co-joined with older ones, of babies moving in and out of life. Intimately connecting love and loss, the enmeshed images spread across the canvas in life layers -- past, present and future simultaneously coalesce.

Reconnecting with Paula - 1995
Reconnecting with Paula - 1995
Life Lore #2 - 2003
Life Lore #2 - 2003
Footprint - 2003
Footprint - 2003
In 1995 I made this collage to wrap around Paula's memorial candle which I light every May 16th in remembrance of her brief but beautiful life.
Memorium - 1995
Laminated Collage
4.5" x 10.25"
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