Helen Redman offers workshops that help people claim their age and creative vitality in a variety of art forms. In these "art encounters," participants work individually and collaboratively to create art about their lives. The sessions are designed both for artists and for those with no art background who are encouraged to experiment with different media as they discover the heightened creativity that comes with age. The artist conducts the workshops in her San Diego studio and garden, places full of natural beauty and nourishing to the senses. The small gatherings permit intimate exploration of the following topics:
    What is Going on Inside Our Bodies
    Our Relationship to the Life Cycle
    How We See Ourselves as We Age
    The Beauty of Old
    Imaging the Crone Collectively
    Honoring Our Losses
    Inner/Outer Crone Work
    Creativity + Aging = Metamorphosis
    Voices and Visions of Third Age Creativity
    Pace and Place

"Our creativity is a great gift of empowerment, a way to constantly refresh ourselves and replenish our ideas. Creativity is larger than the act of making art. In my workshops, it's about repair, transformation and hope." --Helen Redman

Trying to describe a Redman workshop is almost impossible as each one is a unique experience colored by the theme and people attending. A brilliant teacher and facilitator, Helen introduces the topic of each session by using material and imagery from a variety of sources including her own art.

Each participant is encouraged to choose something that beckons from the wide array of materials available in the studio. Once the creative process is sparked, each person begins their own journey into expressive art making. The atmosphere is playful and supportive as participants paint, draw, write, and create assemblages and collages. The art-making is followed by a stimulating group dialogue. As women of various backgrounds and ages share perspectives, they help free themselves and each other from the stereotypes that confine them in all stages of the life cycle. This invaluable part of the studio experience also reveals to each of us the special beauty and self-authorship of aging creatively.


Groups or institutions may book half-day, day-long or weekend workshops at the artist's studio in San Diego or in their own settings. Redman travels to other cities to present workshops, slide lectures and exhibitions when an organization or sponsor provides funding and other arrangements.

For further information, e-mail: redcrone@aol.com.

Quotes from participants:

"I left feeling re-energized, hopeful and at peace with the world. I really understand now about the healing power of the creative process.   I also realize how important it is to make sure personal creativity is part of my life, no matter how busy I may be. You create such a welcoming, supportive place for us to be and play." -- Donna Hilt

"Your workshops empower me and groups of women to discover and express their true selves. Because of your teaching, I am more sensitive to the beauty of aging." -- Erene Rallis

"Thank you for the joy and creative thinking you brought into my life. Thoughts of aging and freedom keep floating around my mind and heart!! I appreciated your gentleness and the acceptance and affirmation you gave each of your blossoming, aging artisans. It was a delight!" --Beverly Leigh

"There was an aura of high energy around the room and for many of us this was reconnecting with our inner child...dear and precious and touching and humorous and totally surprising." -- Gail McCabe

"How grateful I am that you are still providing a creative space for magical things to happen."-- Laurie Wood