This fully illustrated catalogue provides a core sample of Redman's remarkable explorations of motherhood. Including essays by Curator Alessandra Moctezuma, art historian Amy Galpin, Ph.D. and Malia Serrano, M.A. Short memoirs by Redman and her family also give perspective to the art that has surrounded them throughout their lives.

"The rawness of age and the complexity of the aging process as explored by Redman in her deeply personal works is too often absent in the public sphere. This distinctive artistic vision honed by Redman over many decades began with work about creation—the birth of her children—and another form of human transformation, pregnancy." - Amy Galpin, Ph.D. is the Curator of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Rollins College and the former Associate Curator, Art of the Americas, at the San Diego Museum of Art.

7 x 10" 60 pages, 85 full color reproductions   SOLD OUT


The "Birthing the Crone: Aging into Full Creativity" catalogue includes essays and 13 stunning full-color reproductions.   It was published in conjunction with Helen Redman's exhibition of drawings and paintings at the University of San Francisco. Five chronological and thematic sections, accompanied by text and fine arts plates, reflect the passage from mid-life to elder as a metaphor for aspects of our deepest selves:

Body Messages: Combating Age (1986-1992)
Hot Flashing: Facing Mortality (1992-1993)
Birthing the Crone: Life Recycles (1993-1995)
The Beauty of Old: Finding Mentors (1995-1999)
Transpersonal Alchemy: Coming Home (1999-2000

5.5 x 8.5" 24 pages, 13 full color reproductions $35

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Birthing the Crone Catalog notes:

Roland Reiss, Chair Department of Art, Claremont Graduate University, and Margo Espenlaub, Ph.D., Associate Director for Student Development, Women's College of the University of Denver have contributed essays from a fine arts and a women's studies perspective.

"A biographer of beauty who recognizes the luminous in female aging, Redman enacts the transformative elements of crone work: acting out and unmasking new identities while confronting the silence and invisibility that encompass women in the inevitable process of our aging."
-- Margo Espenlaub, Ph.D., from "Acting Our Age: The Art of Helen Redman's Crone Work"

"Helen Redman is a painter alchemist. Images in this work float, bob, and dance. They get too close and then fly away... bits, pieces, fragments, parts, wholes are smashed, stretched, and pulled in the direction of meaning. High intensity charges every painting and drawing. Images will stick in your mind long after the show is over....

Ultimately Helen Redman’s self portraits are everywoman and everyman. These images speak to us of meaning, value and understanding in life. Birthing The Crone tells much about the journey through time shared by all of us. It is a guide to personal awareness exemplified in a creative response to life."
-- Roland Reiss, from "The Human Dimensions of Helen Redman's Art"

The more we are told to fight aging and remove all traces of it from our lives, the more it becomes necessary to see the beauty of old. I hope this catalogue will help you to do that and inspire your own creativity. Consider it as a gift -- to yourself, your family and your friends.