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The Fitness Scrolls


We Americans love our technology...even relying upon it to make our bodies better, as we move from office to car to health spa. The spa itself - machine row after machine row - seems to echo the freeway and corporate repetition of units and bodies in continuous motion. Is the health club a truly integrated place where, at last, one sees the healthy pluralism of Anglos, Asians, Blacks and Latinos all side-by-side? Is everyone trying to pour themselves into the mold of the perfect blond/beauty/hard body? Is it solely to burn fat, make muscles and improve the heart? Is the aerobic high of the workout and voyeurism our new ecstasy?

Moving my personal swim routine from outdoor pools into the indoor gyms of San Diego, I observed an incredible array of bodies and machines interlocked in curious motion. The scenarios never failed to amuse and amaze me.

Stretch, Crackle and Pump! Acrylic on canvas, 50" x56", 1992
Stretching the Boundaries - 1992
Stretching the Boundaries
Joy of Pecs - 1991
Narciscosize of the Multi-Cult
Joy of Pecs - 1991
Joy of Pecs
Flames of Desire - 1992
Flames of Desire
Daily Prayer - 1992
Daily Prayer
Toning for the Revolution - 1992
Toning for the Revolution
I designed this series to resemble Japanese scrolls, but the concept was a spoof on the Dead Sea Scrolls. In a thousand years, if someone looked at these images, what would they surmise about our culture and customs? Are these people undergoing torture, worship, mating or recreation?
Forever Fit - 1991
Forever Fit
Points of View - 1991
Points of View
Battle of the Bods - 1991
Battle of the Bods
Muscles Marinara - 1992
Muscles Marinara
Apumpolypse How - 1992
Apumpolypse How
Cult of the Bod - 1992
Cult of the Bod
Inspired by the Mexican artist Posada, I dress skeletons in work out gear, to suggest that we all struggle against the inevitability of age and mortality. The irony of the human condition fuels these paintings and led to the next transition in my work: Birthing the Crone.

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