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Belly Dance  &  Spirit of America, 1978/79
Belly Dance & Spirit of America, 1978/79, plasticized collage cutouts, 32" tall

“[Redman’s] collages are fraught with inventive and sparkling humor which cuts incisvely into the heart of the feminist struggle” - Michele Amateau & Albert Alhadeff, Colorado Daily, July 31, 1975

In the 1970s, I began an exhaustive pictorial study of gender roles in the mass media. I organized file folders into dozens of categories, which included body parts, products, fashion, food, environments, slogans, etc. Everywhere I went, I ripped up magazines. Hundreds of pieces passed through my fingers before I decided which ones to glue down. Layering and juxtaposing fragmented imagery into human shapes, each figure became a parody of femininity or masculinity. As the series unfolded, I coupled, grouped and displayed the images as a human comedy on parade.

 Melpomene - 1979
Deep Fat Profit - 1994 copy
Deep Fat Profit
 Wash n' Dry - 1979
Wash n' Dry
Military Possibility - 1980
Military Possibility
 Diagnostic Insights - 1980
Diagnostic Insights
 Le Carnivore - 1978
Le Carnivore
The products and functions of household and beauty maintenance are poured into my madcap consumer goddesses in minute detail. I used humor to call attention to the absurd and restrictive conventions that were running our lives by satirizing domestic roles and how the female body is used to sell everything.
Bijou - 1978
Myopic Bride - 1978
Myopic Bride
Black Magic - 1979
Black Magic
 Mama Plentious - 1978
Mama Plentious
Great Mother - 1977
Great Mother
Cover Girl - 1977
Cover Girl
To express the stereotypes and the seductive artificiality of advertising, I created a unique form of plasticized collage cutouts which I termed Mediatypes. They were coated with plastic resin to give them a modern look that would reflect a polished superficiality. Using the lush allure of advertised food imagery, I caricaturized eating obsessions, junk food and weight phobia. Fat, too, has been a political issue as mass media and celebrity culture have continued to torment women with Barbie™-esque standards, destructively undermining health and self-esteem. Even now, these issues remain equal opportunity offenders, crossing gender, age, race and culture lines.
Oval Twist - 1978
Oval Twist
 Sweet Tooth - 1978
Sweet Tooth
Le Gourmand- 1979
Le Gourmand
 Indulge Yourself - 1979
Indulge Yourself
Good & Plenty - 1978
Good & Plenty
Fight Fat - 1977
Fight Fat

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