"I see that change has thinned the protective layers hiding your anger, your fears, your grief....I see your hidden feelings and secret desires exposed a little more with each hot flash....Receive them without judgment, nourish them, and [they] will lead you to the deepest heart of your own secrets." -- Susun Weed
The War At Home, 1993, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 18"

In a troubled state I sit myself down to meditate. As I observe my internal drama, I see the warring parts of myself. One skeleton is quiet, meditative and just wants to be left alone. The other is a fighter, always pushing for action. Battling each other results in the total exhaustion of the figure below.

Though there is pain here, there is also power. A strong woman emerges from this encounter, encompassing all three figures. The culture may want us to "smile and bear it," but a wise woman engages her emotions--knowing that her struggles have meaning.