"To heal, to become whole, asks that we too embody -- literally take into our body -- the acts of creation that follow death..." -- Devorah Coryell 

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Expectant Artist - 1964
Drawn Reflection
Amniotic Hub - 1964
Amniotic Hub
Prenatal Trio - 1964
Prenatal Trio
Blossoming  - 1964
Gestating  - 1964
Centered Flux - 1964
Centered Flux
Green Emotion - 1964
Green Emotion
Bearing - 1964
Maternal Echo - 1964
Maternal Echo
Enmeshed - 1964
Belly Full - 1964
Belly Full
Checkered View - 1964
Checkered View
Under Wraps - 1964
Under Wraps
More Than One - 1964
More Than One
Ripe Currents - 1964
Ripe Currents
"Redman collapsed the mother/artist dichotomy, making the experience of motherhood a vital part of her creative process, as well as presented an alternative to the patriarchal tradition of representing motherhood as a symbol by creating autobiographical images that focused on her own personal and lived experience...these early motherhood works were intended as a form of empowerment, as visual statements on the possibility of being both mother and artist."
-- Michelle Vangen, Bridging the Artist/Mother Divide: The Maternal Imagery of Helen Redman, 2009